Become a Sponsor.

With your help we can turn land that has been sitting idle into a lush carbon capturing habitable forest. Our aim is to plant trees, hedgerows, flowers and flora as quickly as we can.

We are offering plots of this land for sponsorship at £50 per square metre. Your donation will be invested directly into bringing this land back to life.

On sponsoring a plot you can remain anonymous or you can give us your name/company name/friends name (or even your pets name) a photo or company logo with 3 web links such as a website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Intagram etc. which will be displayed on the Zone page that you helped to sponsor, and where you can also check out who else has helped to sponsor your Zone.

You will also receive your own sponsorship e-certificate with a QR code that will take you to your Zone page and also an email footer.

Once all Zones on our land have been sponsored, every sponsor will be entered into our prize draw of £50,000. With every square metre being entered, the more plots you have the better your chances of winning.

We welcome every donation large or small so that we can bring this land into being a habitable forest, so we also accept donation amounts below £50. Whatever little you can donate will really help our plan to restore this land into a thriving and living landscape.

Land Map

Our land map has been divided in 62 Zones which have been sub-divided into square metre plots for sponsorship.

Zone 24 is open for sponsorship, and once that Zone is fully sponsored we will open up the next Zone.

This image will be updated on a periodic basis so that you will be able to see how our plan takes shape.