Watch your
zone grow.

Our first parcel of land is situated next to the quaint village of Acle in Norfolk, England.

Situated in the Norfolk Broads National Park and home to many species from the common toad to Fallow deer. Please see link for a wider view of what the Norfolk Broads has to offer:

Over the years a lot of the natural forests have been cut down for housing and particularly farming with lots of it sitting idle. This particular plot was used years ago for crops but the last few years grazing cattle, foresting this area will still leave plenty of land for farming but create a lovely habitat for many varied species.

Land Map

Our land map has been divided in 62 Zones which have been sub-divided into square metre plots for sponsorship. Whether you’re a business, individual or would like it as a present for a loved one, friend or simply just want to do your bit to help.

We’re asking for donations of £50 per metre square and will be foresting zone by zone starting with Zone 24 so that we can start planting immediately. Once all the plots in Zone 24 have been sponsored we will be moving on to Zone 23 and so on.

When all the Zones are sponsored, every square metre will be entered into the draw for a fantastic prize of £50,000. Any proceeds remaining will be used to purchase further land and repeat the process.

Photos & videos of our progress will be shown on the website and social media as planting develops including images of any wildlife that is attracted to the area.